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Beyond Surface

London, England

Advanced computational design and parametric/form-finding studies with Web Structures.

Selected Projects

Milan Mela

Kolkata, India

Dynamic analysis of large span roof structure (70 x 120m) and slender feature clock tower.

Glass Colonnade

Shanghai, China

Seismic isolation of the glass portal at J-Hotel Shanghai Tower.

KZ Towers


Conceptual structural design of a series of 40-storey towers, as well as computational fluid dynamic and wind environment studies.

Wall of Piece


Computational fluid dynamic and wind environment analysis of a free-formed large scale sculptured feature wall.

Peer Review

Mumbai, India

Structural peer review of 62-storey tall residential towers.


Torino, Italy

Studies into structural parametric and design optimization of a pitched roof structure.

High-Rise Tower

Milan, Italy

Ongoing competition.

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